We think about “the health of the whole community”.

・With a wide perspective that looks to every region and the world,
・Deepen understanding of people and mechanisms based on community nursing and public health nurses (qualification education)
・Connect to the next generation of proposals for sustainable solutions


For whom?

“People at all life stages and health levels”.

What to do?

“Supports” people who make use of the characteristics of the community or group they belong to.

What is your goal?

The goal is to enable people to live a peaceful life in the community (maintaining and improving their health and quality of life).

What do you care about?

We will build a “system that ensures efficiency and continuity” to support people.

Current research activities in the classroom include the development of community care systems, research on maternal and child health activities, research on mental health activities, research on elderly health activities, research on disaster health activities, research on support activities for public health nurses Is mentioned. (Click here for details of each project.)

The research results so far have been actually reflected in the revision of medical fees, etc., as well as improving the health, medical and welfare systems of local governments, and the support methods provided by public health nurses and nurses in practice. Have contributed.