For the public health nurse

Our laboratory’s research theme is to extract the meaning and techniques of community nursing activities practiced by public health nurses and visiting nurses, and to make them theoretical and universal. So far, we have been studying the construction of activity models, measures, home visit and health consultation technologies, and regional diagnosis.

If you are practicing in the field and have any of the following problems, we would like to think together. Email here→


・ I want to find out the meaning of practical activities
・ I do not know how to express the meaning of practical activities
・ I want to convey the skills and meaning of practical activities to the next person
・ I want to communicate the technology and meaning of practical activities
・ I want to think about how to improve my business


In the public health nurse course, we actually go to the local area to conduct a regional diagnosis, and conduct a “regional diagnosis and activity development” training that considers business evaluation and support together with public health nurses. Why do not you look back on the practice with students of the public health nurse course?


The actual practice so far has been published in public health nurse journals and academic societies. Click here for the announcement list

* Public health nurse courses are not currently open.

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